SU-8 Stripping Tool MA3000D-231BB for MEMS Fabrication

The MUEGGE-R3T SU-8 Stripping Tool MA3000D-231BB / STP2020 for MEMS applications is the only tool on the market which enables fast dry etching of thick SU-8 photoresist.

Unique features of the MUEGGE-R3T SU-8 Stripping Tool MA3000D-231BB / STP 2020 are providing leading edge technology for dry etch removal of SU-8 photoresist:


  • Remote microwave plasma source with unique water cooled plasma zone composed of Alumina guarantees outstanding lifetime of the plasma chamber
  • Very high etch rate and low cost of ownership
  • High Environmental Compliance due to very high dissociation of warming gases as CF4 and NF3.


  • Pure chemical etching with no attack on the etching sample by ions; therefore high selectivity’s achievable.
  • Dense plasma excitation leads to high amount of radical generation which is necessary to start the stripping process.
  • Remote plasma for much less thermal load in the chamber than conventional plasma

Technical Data

  • Compact design, dimensions: 800mm x 800mm x 2050mm
  • Microwave Plasma Power: 850W – 3000W
  • Excitation frequency: 2.46 GHz +/- 10MHz
  • End point detection
  • Easy to maintain: Inexpensive yearly service available

MA3000D-231BB process - special features:

  • high etch rate for i.e. more than 200µm/h on large areas (e.g. batch of  5 x 6“ wafers) independent on thickness; more than 20 µm/min for small samples.
  • etch rates nearly independent of pretreatment like hard bake conditions: differences in etch rate smaller than 10% between no HB and 200 °C HB.
  • stripping of very thick (SU-8) resist layers for MEMS possible ( > 1mm).
  • remote high oxygen radical output plasma source, no damage by ions, heat impact only by reaction energy.
  • no attack to metals like Ni, Ni/Fe, Au, Cu etc.
  • only very slight attack to Si and Si compounds like SiO2 or Si3N4.
  • no organic residues; inorganic residues (i.e. decapsulation) removable by additional cleaning step.
  • simultaneous etching of substrates with different resist thicknesses possible .
  • end point detection for each individual substrate.

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