Microwave Remote Plasma Silicon Etcher MA3000D-181BB

The new “Microwave Remote Plasma Silicon Etcher SAN 1010” from Muegge is especially designed for “Backend” applications in the Semiconductors Industry.

The key applications are:

Stress Relief Etching after Grinding and Recess Etching for the Through Silicon Via Technology  (3D-integration).

Key elements:

  • The MW-Remote Plasma Source (RPS) which is a downstream source providing exclusively radicals in the process chamber and therefore a pure chemical etch process especially avoiding any damage by ion bombardment or thermal stress.
  • The Radicals Displacement Unit which leads to very homogenous etching of silicon by simultaneous rotation and azimuth angle displacement of the fluorine radicals’ beam across the silicon wafer. In the same time very high etch rates can be reached due to the unrestricted beam of radicals, which transports short-lived and highly active F*-radicals to the silicon wafer.
  • The Vacuum Chuck enables chucking of different wafer sizes between 100 mm and 300 mm, different tape types, sawing frames and different device types as solder balls.

Key benefits:

The combination of high etch rates, high uniformities and pure chemical etch behaviour are describing the unique abilities of this tool:

  • Lower thermal impact on substrate due to the lack of ion bombardment.
  • Better isotropic kerf etch performance.
  • No ion damage of the devices.
  • Higher etch rates due to not existing baffle plate.

Schematic drawing of the Muegge remote plasma silicon etching approach.



L x W x H (mm): ca. 800 x 1200 x 2250

Vacuum chuck:

for wafer sizes from 100 mm up to 300 mm

Microwave power:

up to 2000 Watt cont. at 2,45 GHz

Working pressure:

65 Pa – 530 Pa resp.0.5 Torr – 4.0 Torr

Etch chemistry:

SF6, CF4, O2, N2, Ar

Etch rates:

3 µm/min at an uniformity of 5% TTV