Producers of micromechanical parts (MEMS) - e.g. the watch industry – increasingly use processes, which are based on photolithography and galvanic deposition (so called “LIGA” process). For building up several hundred microns high vertical structures, SU-8 resist is an outstanding material which is based on Epoxy. At the same time however this material has the disadvantage of being unremovable by wet chemicals without attacking the new built up metal structures of the MEMS. Commercially available plasma tools are unable as well to solve the remove problem.

With the MUEGGE-R3T plasma Systems STP 2020 it is possible to get etch rates of 20 µm/min for the SU-8 independent on hard bake temperatures. Using batch mode to strip several 6” wafers simultaneously, rates of 200 µm/h are reached without attacking the metal structures and without damage by overheating. Thus for first time a technique is available which allows the reliable and efficient removal of SU-8 resist and extends the possible fields of applications for SU-8.

Muegge’s MA3000D-151BB (R3T STP RE 2005) plasma decapsulation tool has been especially developed for the fast etching of mould compound and polyimide to open microchips without attacking the sensitive wiring.

The MUEGGE-R3T silicon etcher SAN 1010 ist the perfect tool for high rate homogeneous silicon surface processing.