PLANARTRON - Planar Plasma Source

The Planartron is similar to a Duo-Plasmaline array. Here the parallel quartz tubes are combined to a single quartz plate which separates the normal pressure region from the low pressure zone. The microwave is fed into a meander-like configuration.
By the use of this structure the microwave is homogeneously fed through the quartz plate and forms a homogeneous plasma at the surface of the quartz plate in the low pressure zone.

Key Elements:

Unique features of the Planartron Source system are providing leading edge technology in the areas of:

  • High intensity plasma directly on the substrate
  • Isotropic etching of silicon, silicon nitride, silicon oxide with superior etch rates.
  • Photo resist stripping on different materials as silicon, silicon oxide, metals, high-k, low-k materials.
  • Flexible PCB’s: Drilling and Desmear.
  • Surface Treatment as Nitridation or Oxidation of silicon surfaces.
  • Backend applications as wafer thinning and stress relief.