Ceralink, Inc. (Holly Schulman) - Advanced ceramics process development with emphasis on microwave technologies

Equipment Manufacturers and Distributors

A.M.T. - Microwave R&D and manufacturing scale-up

California Tube Laboratory - new high power pulse and CW magnetrons, rebuilt klystrons and accelerator guides

CEM Corporation - microwave-based instrumentation for laboratory testing and analysis

Industrial Microwave Systems, Inc. - IMS designs and builds microwave processing systems for continuous planar and cylindrical applications requiring uniform heating and drying.

Lambda Technologies - capital equipment and microwave process development utilizing proprietary variable frequency technology.

Microdry, Inc. - industrial equipment, generators and components

Milestone S.R.L. -  microwave systems for analytical and histopathology laboratories

Northrop Grummen Electron Devices (formerly Litton Industries)- manufacturers of TWT's, klystrons, thyratrons, magnetrons and related products for defense applications

Personal Chemistry - microwave equipment and instrumentation for organic synthesis and biochemistry

PSC - radio frequency heating equipment

Research Microwave Systems - Lab scale systems and accessories for high temperature materials process research

Ted Pella, Inc. - laboratory microwave systems for electron microscopy and histology

Tekelec-Temex - RF and microwave waveguide components