Waveguide Component Repair and Calibration

3-Port Circulators

A unique and cost effective service performed exclusively by GAE is the repair and refurbishment of 3-port circulators. Most failures are due to arcing or water leaks and can be repaired at roughly half the cost of a new circulator. Most WR284 models manufactured by Genesys Systems, Gerling Moore, ASTeX/Gerling Laboratories (AGL), Merrimac and Waveline, as well as all models manufactured by GAE, can be repaired and returned to original factory specifications.

Dual Directional Couplers

In addition to circulator repair, GAE offers directional waveguide coupler calibration services using equipment calibrated to and methods consistent with NIST standards. This service applies to almost all couplers in WR284, WR340 and WR430 waveguide. Couplers manufactured by Genesys Systems, Gerling Moore, Gerling Laboratories (AGL) and GAE are also repairable.