MUEGGE - Quality Policy

  • Our Customers
    The satisfaction of our customers and the quality and reliability of our products are the core of our business activities.
    MUEGGE GmbH is committed to fulfilling and exceeding our customers’ expectations.  We achieve this through close dialogue with our customers, the active identification of customer requirements and the intelligent implementation of such requirements in products and services.
  • Continuous Improvement
    In order to guarantee the sustainable success at our customers we are working on the continuous improvement of our processes, products, and services.  To that end, we measure performance indicators and use those to derive improvement activities and carry out the respective projects with great dedication.
  • Sustainability
    For MUEGGE sustainability also means that we are financially profitable and thus able to invest in the company’s future.  We consider the environment in the course of the development and manufacturing of our products.  Muegge is expanding sales and service throughout the world in order to offer a geographic advantage to our customers and their requirements.
  • Our Employees
    Our employees are one of the most important factors for the successful implementation of our strategy.  We offer an attractive work environment and excellent opportunities for the development of our personnel.  This includes internal and external training classes and courses as well as the provision of adequate tools and equipment.
  • Our System
    Error prevention is an important principle of our daily work.  Our quality management system with its processes and procedures is the foundation for the successful application of this concept.

MUEGGE is certified according ISO 9001:2015

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