MUEGGE - Markets

MUEGGE is the leading international manufacturer and provider of plasma source technologies, industrial microwave heating systems and the related components.
For over 25 years, MUEGGE has developed, produced and supplied high-quality microwave CW and Pulse solutions for applications which require power ranges of 300W to 100kW at frequencies of 915MHz, 2450MHz and 5800MHz. MUEGGE continues to develop and integrate industry leading microwave power solutions that are optimized and integrated into state-of-the-art technologies. The most demanding requirements are met by MUEGGE's advanced systems, plant, and process technologies resulting in an integrated concept that is based upon our scientific and technological experience.
MUEGGE offers high voltage, microwave and plasma sources for various sizes, power levels and applications. MUEGGE product developments included large area linear plasma sources, remote plasma sources, modular plasma arrays  and various small, medium and large area industrial heating applications.